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Midweek Services

On Wednesday mornings from 9:30-10:00am there is usually Morning Prayer in church. It is a time to come together during the week to hear a passage of scripture and to pray for our church and community. 

We do not have daily mid-week services, but here are the lectionary readings appointed for use at Morning Prayer. You may find it helpful to use these bible passages for your own daily meditations.

Alternatively you can access the daily services of Morning Prayer, Prayer During the Day, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer (Compline) provided by the Church of England using this link to the 'Join us in Daily Prayer' resources.

You can also download the Daily Prayer App for both Android phones & tablets as well as Apple iPhones and iPads from links on that page.


Bible passages for study each day are listed below for anyone wishing to read them at home.

  Monday  26th October   Psalm 126   1 Timothy 1: 1-17
  Tuesday  27th October   Psalm 132   1 Timothy 1: 18-end
  Wednesday  28th October   Psalm 116   Luke 6: 12-16             Simon & Jude, Apostles
  Thursday  29th October   Psalm 143   1 Timothy 4
  Friday  30th October   Psalm 144   1 Timothy 5: 1-16
  Saturday  31st October   Psalm 147   1 Timothy 5: 17-end
  Sunday    1st November

4th Sunday before Advent

  All Saints' Day
Morning 10:30am    *** Holy Communion ***
  Service on Facebook Live


  Monday   2nd November   Psalm 2   Revelation 1                All Souls' Day
  Tuesday   3rd November   Psalm 5   Revelation 2: 1-11
  Wednesday   4th November   Psalm 9   Revelation 2: 12-end
  Thursday   5th November   Psalm 15   Revelation 3: 1-13
  Friday   6th November

  Psalm 16

  Revelation 3: 14-end
  Saturday   7th November

  Psalm 18: 31-end

  Revelation 4
  Sunday   8th November

3rd Sunday before Advent

 Morning 10:30am    *** Remembrance Service  ***
  Service on Facebook Live



  Monday    9th November   Psalm 20   Revelation 5
  Tuesday  10th November   Psalm 21   Revelation 6
  Wednesday  11th November   Psalm 23   Revelation 7: 1-4, 9-end
  Thursday  12th November   Psalm 26   Revelation 8
  Friday  13th November   Psalm 32   Revelation 9: 1-12
  Saturday  14th November   Psalm 33   Revelation 9: 13-end
  Sunday  15th November

2nd Sunday before Advent

Morning 10:30am    *** Holy Communion ***
  Service on Facebook Live




  Monday  16th November   Psalm 47   Revelation 10
  Tuesday  17th November   Psalm 52   Revelation 11: 1-14
  Wednesday  18th November   Psalm 56   Revelation 11: 15-end
  Thursday  19th November   Psalm 62   Revelation 12
  Friday  20th November   Psalm 63   Revelation 13: 1-10                   Edmund, king, martyr
  Saturday  21st November   Psalm 78: 1-39   Revelation 13: 11-end
  Sunday  22nd November

Sunday Next before Advent

  Christ the King
Morning 10:30am   *** Morning Worship  ***
Service on Facebook Live


  Monday  23rd November   Psalm 96   Revelation 14: 1-13
  Tuesday  24th November   Psalm 97   Revelation 14: 14 - end of 15
  Wednesday  25th November   Psalm 112   Revelation 16: 1-11
  Thursday  26th November   Psalm 125   Revelation 16: 12-end
  Friday  27th November   Psalm 139   Revelation 17
  Saturday  28th November   Psalm 145   Revelation 18
  Sunday  29th November

1st Sunday of Advent

Morning 10:30am    *** Holy Communion ***
Service on Facebook Live